July 07, 2014

Tutorial: How to Make Fabulously Quilted Greeting Cards

Glen and I quilt our Christmas gifts every year.  Over the past decade or sew I had painted our Christmas cards, but last year we decided to try something different.  I really liked the idea of quilted cards - it's an idea that has been around for ages - but I wanted something that would be more of a polished keepsake as well. 

I learn best by being shown how to do something rather than reading it, so all my tutorials are pictorial. This one however is especially long as it covers the drawing of the pattern, the sewing, adding the binding. I have also included pictures of other cards I have made that I especially like - each having been made from scraps as well as left over blocks from past quilts and projects.

Glen's contribution to all of this has been his loving patience as I had him remove the stitches from hundreds of tiny little scraps of left over Batik fabric quilts/projects. 

Happy Quilting!


 The left over cat blocks came from this wall hanging http://www.oddcatstitches.com/2012/03/i-want-more-cats.html

 The tiny little blocks for this card came from this quilt made for Amy Gibson's "Sugar Block of the Month Club" (yet to be sandwiched and topstiched!)

 The left over bird blocks came from this wall hanging http://www.oddcatstitches.com/2012/04/left-over-cats.html


  1. Thank you for sharing your super cute scraps cards! You are a clever cat!


Odd, Jessica and Glen :)